And what is this creation?…

Loving cooking at the moment, it makes me feel good. I love people enjoying what I make, seeing them happy from nice filling food.

Well this is a pizza chicken.

Not chicken pizza, pizza chicken.

Chicken breasts halved and baked then covered with tomato purée, onion, peppers, seasoning and cheese; re baked till the cheese is golden and today served with bat wings. Yep! That’s what we call fried potato skins.

Now this can be healthier, cut down the cheese and replace bat wings with veg, this is our usual plate; today we all needed a bit of comfort food.

Pizza Chicken

I only ate half my plate, the chicken breasts were huge and I had greedy eyes when serving. So left overs for lunch tomorrow which is picnic at a zoo! Enjoy your food, quality time eating together and creating new delicious foods.

Yearning for a place.

Have you ever felt as though you miss a place. I mean really yearn for it. The view, the breeze, the smell of the air and sounds of grass waving or sea breaking.

I’m yearning for a place. I always thought in my dreams when standing on a rugged coastline in a long dress and cardigan I was somewhere abroad looking out at the sea.

As odd as it may be, I’m yearning for Easington Beach. I love seeing the electrical station, all lit up at night. The deers eating grass near the beaches, the grey and brown seals jumping in the waves, the pebbled beach, rugged sandy cliff edges, the static caravans, purple skies and sounds of waves, constantly crashing. I even love the sound of the rain there. Beating down on a static caravan while your inside watching the sea and keeping warm.

I always thought my rugged beach was Cabo de Gata. But I wouldn’t see those same things. Hear those same things. In my older years I want warmth by a fire and a beautiful green scene from one window and a rugged coastline from the next.

I may drive to Easington and just sit by the beach for the day. Watching ladies catch mussels and fishermen fight off the seals. See how I feel. Maybe, look for lodgings. Find a home.

Sunday Dinner & A Better Mood

Usually my husband likes to take over in the kitchen when he can, this weekend however he is preoccupied with laying a new floor in our house. This gives me free rein in the kitchen!

So today’s delight, seasonal vegetables with mash, roast potatoes, chicken and Yorkshire puddings.

I like to add a tiny bit of sugar to my peas, salt and pepper the roasties and stuff the chicken skin with sausage or bacon.

Anything to jazz up the Sunday Lunch. After all the same dinner with a change of meat every weekend can get a bit dull.

We often have meat left over so a pear and pomegranate chicken salad is on tomorrow’s lunch menu with baby spinach and olive oil as a dressing.

I’ve been feeling more myself the past couple of days, better energy levels and feeling happy.

I think my change came about after a little wander through the woods. Seeing the light through the leaves, acorns everywhere and a cool breeze. We took our dog with us, she loves sniffing and running around in the leaves, it was just a happy moment I’m holding onto right now. With a local lockdown pending it was good to just get out the house.

I’ve a day out next week planned with my friend and daughter, we all need to keep making plans, have something to look forward too, whether it’s a nice meal or a walk, seeing a friend or spending time with family.

Don’t give up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay positive.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Yes, it’s a real thing abbreviated to EHS. I have this strange syndrome. Let me explain. When I’m falling asleep, or even fast asleep, I sometimes hear loud noises like a Big Bang or knocking. They startle me, they don’t happen all the time, they can wake me up with a jolt.

When I say a noise, it’s not something anyone but me can hear. To me it sounds very real, very loud, occasionally scary.

I’m not sure when this started, what I do know is that now the noises are much more frequent. Sometimes I get up, check the house, other times I reassure myself, it wasn’t real or it was a pop bottle expanding or blaming it on the dog (or cat).

I’m hoping the current episode eases soon. My over active imagination works overdrive in the dark.

Sleep tight all. Hope it’s a quiet one!

Be Yourself, Love Yourself.

A friend of mine has just watched a webinar on ‘What Pushes Men Away’, this friend now believes they know what they did wrong in a previous relationship.

Wow. No. This is not right at all. If you love someone, you love them with all their imperfections, unconditionally. Never ever change who you are as a person in order to attempt to keep someone, that’s not who you actually are, this leads to resentment. You are allowed to be your own person.

We no longer live in times where young ladies go to ‘finishing school’, in order to train them to be compliant to a mans needs, sew, make cups of tea, walk with a book on your head, be pretty and perfect, seen and not heard.

We live in a time of equality in all things, or at least that is the aim. Where women are supposedly equal to men.

There should be a webinar on self acceptance, on acceptance of others, on how to be equal and fair. Love who you are, do not change, grow as a person, learn to love yourself, don’t be forced to change. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are you.

Journey of the mind

I have no shame in saying I’m having some counselling right now.

Talking and opening up about past events you haven’t been able to let go is good for your soul. Bottling all those emotions over years and years can weigh you down so much and create a black hole, that’s ever expanding.

Yesterday’s session was a tough one and for the rest of the day I was exhausted, sleeping for 3 hours afterward, feeling physically sick and drained so much so I actually questioned whether I had the flu. I spent the night mostly awake reliving moments in my past. Drifting into broken sleep and dreaming of those events like watching a picture show on a broken camera reel.

From this I realised the journey through my mind, release of hidden trauma, is going to be very tough.

I spoke to my husband and daughter and let them know that although the therapy seems now to make me feel worse, infact by opening Pandora’s box, letting go and thinking differently I can be stronger in myself and heal. I’m lucky they both understand I need to do this.

Everyone’s journey is unique, personal and for some traumatic, for the period between releasing and healing.

I’m happy to share my journeys emotional rollercoaster with you all because it helps me, I hope it will help you too.


Today I was told, when we have children, we cannot control everything they think, feel or do. As they grow they will find their own way, develop their own personality, live their own life. That life is not for parents to control or judge, the role of a parent is that of supporting the individual that child becomes, their decisions, beliefs, dreams.

To be told that; and you may think it’s so obvious, after all that’s how I believe it should be, but have you applied that to your own parent relationship? I hope you have that type of relationship with your parents. If you don’t though, there are support systems out there you can access. To support your own mental health. You must take care of yourself, not just everyone else.

Don’t suffer alone.

Taking your temperature

Is it only me who has become obsessed with taking their own temperature? I’m even dreaming about it now.

We have one of those thermometers you put in your ear and press a button it then measures your temperature and displays a green or red light along with the data to let you know if it’s safe range or not.

I must check mine daily, now I’m dreaming about it! Only in my dreams the red light comes on, I’m in public and people are staring at me, then I start sweating and feeling sick. I have to get out of there and everyone’s eyes are on me, all looking panicked because I had a red light.

The sad reality though is that with temperature checking becoming normal in airports, it could easily become more wide spread and be considered the norm. I dread the day we see people taken from the streets with a slightly elevated temperature.

Day 7 of the Writing Challenge

Favourite movie

Falkor mythical being of Fantasia

What film can possibly be better than The Never Ending Story?

It’s full of excitement, sorrow, suspense, fear. You feel as though you are taking part in the journey with Atreyu. Meeting the giants made of granite, flying through the air with Falkor, crying with the loss of Atreyus best friend his horse, being amused and the ancient tortoise, feeling scared of the wolf and wondering why he just didn’t name the princess or ask her name right at the beginning of the movie.

It’s so packed full of different characters and in its day had fantastic special effects. If this film could be remade with today’s technology I’m sure it could only get better.

It was made in 1984, and over the years I’ve watched it many times, you always notice something new, a detail, hidden gem.

Of course it was a tough decision between this and the Labyrinth. Who doesn’t love Bowie.

A New Treatment For Separation Stress And Anxiety

I’m reposting as I hope this may help someone. Try milk before bedtime and downtime on TV or mobile devices an hour or so before too.

I found this while searching for something else, on Google and thought you may discover it fascinating. From the Peoria Humane Society website: …

A New Treatment For Separation Stress And Anxiety
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