I’m currently writing a book

Only it doesn’t feel as though I’m actually writing it.

I’ll explain. When I go to sleep I have these weird dreams, when I wake up I write them down like a story, only once I’ve written it all out, edited it and I’m happy with it, the dream continues to the next part. And so the process starts again.

I’m writing anything between 1700 and 4000 words a day. Obviously depending on how vivid the dream is.

I read the book through and think wow this is good did I write this!

When this story comes to an end, then I’m hoping the author reveals their name so I can use the name they give me.

Hopefully they also point me to a good publisher too!

Questions with a Spiritualist Part Two

Can you control who comes through?

Personally, I can’t, I just get visited, I am not a clairvoyant and cant see someone and say, so and so is with you, I don’t see people all the time. I only sense spirits and and given visual messages (usually). Different people have different experiences though.

Do you ever get haunted?

Yes. Sometimes I switch off my gift so I can just rest. If a spirit really wants to connect I have had instances of them pestering me and my family until everyone’s asked me to please see what they want. They mess with electrics, move things, create noise, even disturb your sleep.

Can spirits get stuck here?

Yes, sometimes they miss their exit or don’t want to leave yet, maybe they have something unresolved or just really enjoy a place. They can be guided through to the other side if they wish though.

Book Review – The Squad Chronicles, Origins

I’ll start by stating I previously worked with PR Reeves the author when we both worked at HSBC as young adults in Sheffield, England during the late 90’s. We have kept in touch on social media as you do. I had no idea he had written a book!

So when I found out, I had to read it because I know what a great person he is, he’s had his own struggles in life to get through just like me.

This book is a series of stories around four people whose life’s are intertwined, some are set in Sheffield and even in our familiar old work place, much to my delight.

The stories are beautifully written and really spark your imagination, you can see exactly what is being portrayed by the writer, the emotion and depth of characters really come through. I found my self laughing and even wiping away the odd tear.

I don’t want to give away much because if you love a good sci-fi, fiction, horror, fantasy with some steamy action packed in as well, this could just be what you’ve been waiting to read.

Absolutely desperate to get my hands on the next one now Mr Reeves. Thank you for lightening the imagination with vivid images and colour of other worlds and alien beings.

Copies available on Amazon

Questions with a spiritualist part 1

Do you ever get visited by animals?

Yes, all the time! Sometimes I believe they are drawn back by our love for them, animals are pure love. They are here to help us heal and guide us.

I dream of my recently deceased parent, are they really there?

Spirits can easily use the dream state to visit us and convey messages because we are so much more receptive in this state, so yes, they are with you, pay attention to any messages and try to understand there meaning.

Can you lose your gift?

It is entirely possible to lose your gift and not be able to receive any messages and this can be caused by upset, stress or disharmony in your life. Try to meditate and ask yourself what is blocking you, what has changed and how you can change for the better.

Spring is here!


I love spring.. I love summer! I love all the seasons in all honesty but what I love most about spring is the emergence of new life.

It’s a really special time when you can literally watch leaves unfold, flowers unfurl their buds and new shoots spring up reaching for daylight.

Days getting longer and warmer (my arthritis is getting back in it’s box), the ugly ducklings finally realise they are beautiful swans after all and personally I feel happier.

Grey skies, be gone! Flower sketching time has arrived, walks without snow boots and thermals, happy dog walks. Happy Spring everyone! I hope it brings a spring to your step.


I had a beautiful dream last night.

Our family had moved, it seemed to be a different planet and it was so incredible.

There were land animals and the animals lived along side the people, we actually moved out of the way for the animals. I was sat under a tree branch, next to a table with a glass of lemonade wearing beautiful coloured clothes, next to an unusual yet equally beautiful woman.

I asked the woman where the music was coming from and she pointed to the branch above. Along the branch were hundreds of little bugs.

The paths around us seemed to twist in and out, up and down through forest but it was light and bright.

Space was distorted, you could move to somewhere by pulling it to you or yourself to it.

My husband had found a new job and was working with the equivalent fire service making buildings secure and structurally sound. They used sound waves to move debris to river ways so there was never any dust or dirt.

The water was crystal clear but no one used the water. It was kept for the water animals.

In my dream people were happy and peaceful and everything was so clear and bright. It was like a moving painting of absolute perfection.

Book Review

Happiness is me and a book!

I love reading, I read anything and everything. I have a special interest in spirituality, faith and life so when I saw a fellow blogger, had written a book I was super excited!

This book is by Ashok Wahi and is called 4 Pillars of Abundant Life.

At this moment in time I was teaching my daughter the principle of happiness. I found this book gave me a wonderful grounding on how to tackle these teachings and be thankful for all we have, especially all those little things we take for granted every single day.

Ashoks writings also made my heart literally swell with happiness, that there are others out in the world who pray for strangers. I always wondered if I was a little odd as I said a prayer for strangers-people I wished well as I drove passed them.

If your looking for a guiding light to reset your balance in life then please do grab yourself a copy of this beautiful book.

The dangers of self help videos

When you suffer a traumatic experience at the hands of someone else, it’s natural to want to know why.

Usually people will think it over, talk to friends or maybe even a counsellor and be satisfied that people are so complex, so different in thought patterns and feelings that a simple answer will suffice.

Sometimes however, especially if you have time to spare, we turn to self help videos and seminars. Now your thinking there’s no harm in this? But these videos drip feed information in a yes pattern, this yes pattern tricks your mind into agreement and leaves you wanting to know more as promised in the next video, and the next and the next and so on.

These are usually subscription services preying on vulnerable people.

What they are actually doing is far more harm than good. By reliving the thought process over and over again you are reinforcing it in your mind, ok that event may have occurred because you now know the perpetrator was a sociopath or narcissistic. But do you really need to know all the ins and outs of that personality trait?

In fact your programming your mind to constantly look for these traits in others in order to protect yourself in the future. Therefore labelling people who may say or do the wrong thing once on the off chance and not allowing yourself that opportunity to move on.

If your constantly trying to evaluate the past, how are you moving forward with your life? I’m not asking you to forget, I’m asking that if you subscribe to self help videos which try to evaluate patterns of behaviour in relationships between people in a negative way; you will never truly be able to move on from that moment.

Fill your mind with all the great possibilities of things to come, plan your future happiness, research if you need to but don’t fall into the yes pattern.

I use the yes pattern in hypnosis sessions and it’s great for treating people and changing thought patterns to positive patterns. To dwell on a negative thought is to damage your mind. Unless your a psychiatrist etc why do you need to know the personal traits of a psychopath? In depth? Over and over again? Reliving and trying to understand why you? That will never ever give you closure.

The trick to closure is putting that bad memory or experience away, because what matters now is you and your future experiences. So don’t force yourself to try and understand something you really never will. Plan your future free from that trauma, help each other heal in healthy ways and stay positive about your future. The world needs you and your experiences to learn how to heal and become better.

Winter miracle

Feathers, dancing in the breeze. Falling thick and fast, settling on boughs of trees, and everything it comes to pass. Like happiness floating down from above, coating all it comes to touch. Every drop a little different from the rest, individual little stars. Beauty in its crystal form, mesmerising to watch, faces fill windows to see the storm, watching colour fade and light permeate. How clean everything appears when coated in your sweetness, angel tears form on rooftops, like little spears of greatness. That little coating soon gets deep and children grin and sing with glee, soon they can go out and play, creating sculptures of cold, whiteness. The roads get quiet and if you listen good, you will hear those feathers land lightly, soon all you see is pure brilliant light and happiness surrounds us.

The new now?

If right now is the new normal how can we adapt and change?

It’s quite depressing being alone, at home, not able to explore anywhere outside 5 miles.

Will we become movers, flitting from one home to another just to change scenery? The idea has certainly crossed my mind. A temporary house move, somewhere wild and green, perhaps near the sea?

Will I ever be able to not wear a face covering? Will cinemas cease to exist? Will viruses become a thing of the past or should we be bunkering down to brace ourselves against a fierce future?

I believe we need to return to more basic times, when people grew their own food, made their own clothes.

The new now is going to change again, but can we make it change for the better?

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