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Cute moment caught!

Cat hugs Dog

I don’t think anything else needs to be said.


Hump Day

Well it’s been a strange old day.

Started at the doctors with my daughter.

Resulting is absolutely no results other than a promise to chase all referrals. Very disappointing.

Followed by our day at the horse riding volunteer place, absolutely freezing, no heating, daughter bumped her head and has a bit of concussion.

Came home to have my carpet fitted, they delivered and fitted the wrong carpet. To close to Christmas now to get it changed; I’ll live with it for now and get a refund on the price difference.

Daughters had a moment in tears and hugs.

I’m shattered, still cold, mentally exhausted and drained.

Still not heard back re my own hospital appointment I need re my further bariatric surgery correction so I can eat normally.

So also feeling pained and sickly.

I guess today is a write off day.

Roll on bed time!

Happy tomorrow’s.

So far…

It’s raining, again.

The UK is usually thought of as grey, rainy and cold but for a few years now it’s been quiet the opposite.

So the recent heavy rain has been a bit of a shock and caused flooding all over the country.

My garden looks like a mini lake.

Today is volunteering day at the Riding for the Disabled place and I am dreading it. I hate being cold and wet. I pity the horses in this weather. I’m still cold after being there yesterday for six hours.

Even in the indoor arena it’s icy cold. The ponies need warming up before they are ridden. The only heater is a mini plug in one attached to the wall and that’s in the viewing area.

If anyone however wants to check them out it’s Wakefield RDA. You can sponsor a pony right now. They survive from donations. I honestly don’t know how they manage, especially when the weather turns like this.


I made a mistake.

I ordered a pizza yesterday, it was amazing.

I now have migraine, the pain isn’t too bad but I’m having auditory hallucinations, luckily not also visual and luckily again only music.

This time to torment me it’s Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way.

I still have to take pain killers to get rid of these but maybe gluten free is the way to go next time if I don’t want to be watching the ceilings with a radio on in my head on repeat for hours.

I can also have visual hallucinations, I’ve seen Cliff Richards head spinning around in front of me, people, cats, monkeys hands (they were scary), and more. Sometimes music or sounds join them. Sometimes my vision is altered like spots of light or darkness or tunnel vision, sometimes my hand in front of me can seem miles away.

When someone says they have migraine, it’s not just a bad headache. Get them somewhere dark to rest with water and pain relief and ask if they need hot or cold compresses.

Hopefully the music will stop soon. I’m going to a Christmas market today and I’d love some sleep first.

Is everyone off work today?

I’ve just been into town, I live in a small town in the centre of the UK, our nearest City is Leeds.

Town was heaving with people! Of all ages, as though everyone had taken a day off work/school/college to do some Black Friday shopping.

Is it only me who just doesn’t see a huge price difference on these deals and they are never on anything I’d buy. I wouldn’t waste money buying something new just because it was £200 off it’s £3000 price tag.

I happened to be just getting my teen new bedding, she didn’t find any included in a deal and so full price it was. I bought candy canes for the Christmas tree when it eventually goes up and some meat for tonight’s dinner.

Do people go without washing machines all year, saving up to get £50 off a machine at Curry’s? Or only buy clothes this particular week? I’m confused. A sale at this time may help some for Christmas gifts but I see most sale items are on huge white goods or furniture items.

Maybe it’s just my weird mind that doesn’t get these things. I’d rather just have a better price all year round. I’d make a rubbish store manager. No sales here! Best prices to be had at all times! We don’t rob you the rest of the year.

Rant over 😂

Unexpected morning pillow buddy

I woke up this morning with a bag of defrosted sweet potato fries next to me.

Surely I could have found something better to ice my head with at 3.30am with migraine.

Just goes to show my brain doesn’t function correctly when migraines occur!

What a waste and a surprise to wake up and see.

Teen nightmares

I’m not sure how to deal with this.

When the nightmares are trauma related.

There’s very little support for teens with PTSD.

I’ve tried happy thoughts before sleep, taking control on dreams by telling her to see me their saving her, talking about them; nothing so far seems to work.

So now I lie awake listening to her TV as she won’t sleep.

Should I sleep in her room? She would hate that.

I’m so tired so she must be too.

I hope and pray only good dreams come through tonight.