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Anxiety for me

I’m laid in bed right now and honestly my heart feels like it’s going to flutter out of my chest, I’m trying to keep calm and take deep breaths and of course distract myself by writing a little blog.

Today’s first attack. Not great while not even up yet but it happens. This one caused by discussing our upcoming airport trip and face mask ordering. We are planning on going early so I don’t have a panic in the airport; when this happens in a big place I loose the ability to read, the words aren’t just jumbled, there blacked out. Trying to minimise panic and anxiety on the day, causes panic and anxiety.

This is what we are doing to get me through the journey.

1. Setting off earlier than needed so I don’t worry about traffic, breakdowns, the weather, speeding, accidents.

2. Ordering face masks now so I can keep a stash with me. If they get damp with breath, I feel like they are sticking to my face and I can’t breathe, so this way if I know I have plenty, I can keep switching them.

3. Ordering a visor as a face mask back up.

4. Pre-booked meet and greet for parking. Life saver!

5. Pre packed my little clear bag, mini hand sanitizer included.

6. Planned an outfit, okay so this may seem a little odd, but when you panic you get hot, then I’d panic about my body temperature check. So light weight clothing’s a must.

7. Bought a face mask and puzzle book. Face mask because if I can’t see what’s bothering me I can pretend it’s not their and think of something else. Puzzle book because if it’s not an appropriate situation to sleep through I can at least focus my attention on other things.

8. Printed off everything we need, in a plastic wallet, with passports and medical cards. Being organised is key to being calm.

9. Focus on the mental image of the destination. The sun, the palm trees, the blue sky and gentle breeze.

I hope if you have travel anxiety like me, some of these steps help you cope. I’d be interested in any other steps you take which help.

Thank you for taking time out to read my morning panic. I actually do feel better for getting it all out!


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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