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Random Dream with NASA

Wow, when I dream I don’t hold back. This dream was confusing I’m still attempting to figure it all out. Especially as I wasn’t an achiever with A* grades, B’s and C’s in my school made me average.

I was in school and flying through my work, I had two Dutch braids in from the front of my head and my hair was long again so the braids we hanging over my shoulders.

I was helping my friend who I couldn’t see in the image with maths equations which to me seemed so simple like a flow of numbers.

The headteacher came to the front of the class and said some students had achieved so much this year that they had attracted the attention of NASA, as the roll call went I was one!

Next I’m on a coach heading into large wire gates, towards a two story beautiful white building, as I look at the other faces on the coach I see a face I knew from later on in life, I couldn’t remember his name. He was looking straight ahead with a blonde buzz cut hair style and a serious expression.

My dream then jumped forward, we were all being measured for our suits. the suits were cream, with a brown/grey interior and in two pieces, you got the bottom half and top separately. The area of the building we were in had a shuttle bus and I was so happy to find the bottom half of a space suit that fit, I kept it on to try it out while on the shuttle bus. The guy I knew was asking me if the suit was comfortable, it was like wearing air, I felt free. The shuttle was taking us to a top secret area as part of a test of our reaction to the unknown.

We are being led in pairs down a darkened hall way with low rounded ceilings, pipes attached to the walls none of us dare touch a thing as we walked. The hallway opens up into a huge black dome with dimmed lighting, in the centre are two large stands, on each stand there are two creatures, one appears like a large upright bat, wings pale brown, wrapped round a slim frame, completely hidden. The other a fluffy and bright, very very large eyed creature who seemed happy to see us and was chirruping away, he was toes and fingers like a sloth but was much smaller.

I was shocked and sad the poor creatures were being held but they weren’t of our world, they were so cute and friendly. I knew life was out their. There were four creatures in total who were equivalent animals to those on Earth.

I woke up suddenly at this point. Wondering where that had all come from. I did my best at school and there was no way at that point I could have been that clever, I aways felt if I was just held back a year I’d do so much better because my mind just wasn’t ready to grasp some concepts. I wish I’d followed my dreams though. This is one dream that will certainly not come true.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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