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Just a rant about today

I’m having a panic and my chest is killing, I know it’s just a panic so I’m trying to just stop and rest. I had some bad news and now I’m angry about the situation, it’s not even my situation it’s a close friends but I feel so deeply for people that I genuinely feel their happiness and their pain.

Tears keep streaming but I’m not crying, I’m cross, disgusted and saddened by other peoples behaviour, the lack of conscience or thought of their actions.

When someone you believed initially was good, disappoints you so much, and hurts another person so badly. It’s hard to conceive you ever knew that person at all! Maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was all a front, a lie, a false image to deceive the majority.

I’m in such disbelief I actually can only actually hope that rather than this individual be so cruel, that they are going through some sort of breakdown themselves.

I always believe we as people can choose our path, our choices lead us to a final destination, where ever that may be. That we can change our path and alter our choices to recover from straying. Now though, right now, I’m having doubts, surely somethings, actions can never set you back on the right path. Those decisions made are so bad, so cruel, they adversely affect another in such a way, that the path becomes fixed. The mind cannot heal and your path is set in stone.

I’m not talking about my own journey, I just feel the hurt for this good and beautiful soul so much it fills me with rage.

I wish all could be filled with thoughtfulness and sensitivity, but this is not the world we have created for ourselves as a race.

I’m disgusted with people and my self for my anger, but without love there can be no hate. No black without white. No light without dark.

I hope with all my heart my friend recovers and can forgive this individual for all their misgivings.

Without forgiveness we would all hate. Please look inside yourselves and use your heart to make judgements. Not all head judgements are sensible, maybe not all heart decisions are either, but with a good heart, and good intentions we can all make the world a better place.

Stay kind. Stay thoughtful. Stay human.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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