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What a day

I woke up and wrote my post about having a really great positive day….

The day went like this, awake at 12.30am, our the door at 1.30 am and arrive at the airport just before check in arrives, all goes well and we board, seats are great, some other passengers are a little rowdy but bearable.

We arrive at Alicante airport, all credit to both Manchester and Alicante as they were thorough and with my walking stick, let us through quickly with out having to queue. Sometimes there are little wins to wheelchairs and walking sticks. Airports definitely are one of them.

We go through the temperature station, and enter an elevator to meet our transfer, my daughter says, there’s a passport on the floor, it’s mine!

I check my bag and the other two passports are gone! I’m still trying to be calm, but being in pain from the flight, can’t do much.

My husband gets back in the elevator and goes back towards where we came from. The guy at the temperature check station sees him and luckily says we must have dropped them as we walked through and he was just about to hand them to the police. Marvellous. All passports back!

Onto transportation, all great but we aren’t dropped off at the door, we have to walk what we are told is 100 meters to the hotel. Now, I can’t walk 2 meters so look around panicking as there’s no way.

Well it seems there is a way, at a snails pace with rest stops and pain stops. We check in and are told we need to pay a deposit of €150. Okay, fine, we will get it back and have last day money. We pay a bit more for aircon and get to our room. Now at this point it’s clear we aren’t close enough to anything for me to manage so off the husband pops to get a mobility scooter, now this is lovely of him to do and I’m very grateful he’s so thoughtful. However, he’s like a big kid and instead of coming straight back, does a 3 hour, tour around to get his bearings, have a quick drink etc. So as you can imagine I’m worried. I can’t get hold of him and start stressing.

He arrives back, I’m upset and a migraines starting, but we need to go to the shop and I want to see the area and grab food, it’s now about 3pm and no ones eaten for 12 hours.

Off we go, driving my scooter about, buy a few extra towels and get on the beach, the sea is warm, clean, clear and there are loads of little fish about, it’s relaxing and beautiful and I start to forget the earlier stress. Deciding we still need food we decide to do a little shop and grab a snack as my head is pounding again. My tablets make me a bit confused and I scoot across a huge road on the crossing, like a red rag to a bull an old lady to a supermarket, now realising there’s a red man somewhere saying ‘No! Don’t do it! Oncoming traffic!’, I make it! Phew.

At the little supermarket, the owner was great fetching things, or not fetching us things as I later found out. And I’m only thinking now, this is going to be a bad headache, I need food and loads of water quickly.

We get lost, I mean, lost for an hour. Tired and hungry we get back and it’s 6pm!

There’s no butter, no cheese, no salami etc just bread, crisps and beers. So the helpful shop owner wasn’t grabbing me bits of shopping after all. I grab two pain killers, a slice of bread and get a cold shower hoping to stave off the migraine. No such luck, once out the shower it’s hits full force, like hundreds of little painful explosions going off in my head. Throwing up, having to close curtains, not being able to speak a full sentence, my husband goes off and puts ice in socks to put under my neck. I pass out from the pain and sleep. Husband and daughter go out to eat and a couple of hours later return with a pizza! Still groggy and in a bit of pain I finally get to eat something. Not the ideal meal for someone with a wheat intolerance but after today, it’s like looking at my favourite dish and I eat half and settle back in bed at 10pm to write this.

So after passport losses, pain, being exhausted through lack of sleep, stress panic and anxiety won a little today. The migraine won. But tomorrow’s a new day and after a good sleep now, I’m going to hit the day head on with some time to just unwind. Ice still on neck for the migraine pain and on the forehead, I’m ready for a pleasant unconsciousness to consume me. Night all, stay positive, look after yourselves.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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