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My future plans

Arthritis pains, wow my knees know I’m back in the UK. An hour after landing the pain moving and resting is indescribable. Painkillers taken and heat packs at the ready. Who knew you could be this ‘body knackered’ at 40. Looking back though I wouldn’t change a thing, I followed my dreams, took risks and challenged myself constantly. I still intend to take risks and follow my dreams but now those have changed to ones of a more simple life, sun to ease my aches, a better way of life and the need for seeing new faces and people.

My goal is to move abroad and live in warmer climates.

I’m even planning now what I would take, what I don’t need, what I do need and how to achieve it, I used to say I had a 5-10 year plan but then never do anything about it, never save, no research. Looking back at that I knew my dream eventually was to move abroad. I once dreamt I was older with grey hair blowing in the wind, stood on a rocky hillside next to the sea, feeling the salty air hit my browned skin and watching the horizon. I’m determined now to make that a reality.

I’m researching foreign bank accounts and business opportunities, looking at properties and planning a future my body will thank me for.

Now is a time for action and retirement with sun and palm trees. It’s actually a great time to make plans as economically businesses are struggling, they need buyers/renters/entrepreneurs to invest and give them a boost while the new normal settles in, what ever that may be.

If your planning a move, let me know.

Have you found out anything you wish you knew?


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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