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Silent streets

There’s something so satisfying

An empty street, like a scene from an apocalypse

Just quiet, no human noise, no voices, traffic or sounds

The streets are clean, no litter or pollution

The sun beats down, heating the pavements

Closed shops and bars, just me

Sat, watching, listening to the world

How beautiful the sky is, how clean the air

I’m motionless not wanting to spoil the atmosphere with my presence

As though if my being were recognised it would leave a stain on the world

It’s quarantine, a face mask covers my face

Protecting all from my breath and being

I dare not touch a thing, I clean everything around me

Wondering if the cleaner leaves a mark on this place of calm.

I think about how clean the world would be without people like you and me

How lush and green the forests and full and blue the seas

To see our concrete creations returned to the earth

We are but fleas, taking and leaving our mess behind

Trying to evolve to out smart the drops given to remove us

I think I’d like a miracle, people to vanish

But maybe we can change

Can we make the future better

Can we stop the greed

It’s a question of all not just you and me.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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