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Strange Stuff #309-Physics: controversial theory argues that the entire universe is a neural network

A theory states the entire universe could be a neural network.…

Strange Stuff #309-Physics: controversial theory argues that the entire universe is a neural network

This is such an interesting and bold concept. When younger I would often ponder on such things. Imagine for yourself, our solar system is a cell, the sun the nuclei, surrounded by the elements needed for mutual existence, each element providing something different, a gas, a solid, ice, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc or things we have yet to comprehend.

Our solar system is part of a much larger cell, the galaxy we know as the milky way. Connected by matter, our own ‘cell’ on a course set out by the larger cell, spreading our energy, resources through that thing we call space, and the milky way is part of something even larger, a network of galaxies interacting with each other like neurons, passing on information we can’t see or comprehend.

We could be so insignificant we could be mites on the back of a mite, on the back of a mite.

We could be a living working part of a thing so large in scale we cannot comprehend its existence. A fluke and by product of our own cells existence. Our neutron the sun ageing as our cells age and die.

Something to ponder.


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