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Day 5 of the Writing Challenge


I bet if your following you thought I had missed day 5 yesterday. I wrote day 5 instead as I was limiting my screen time with the recent migraines. Anyway here goes day 5.

Parents. This is so difficult to write as I am out of contact with my parents. A mutual decision. we have a very large difference of opinion that is too personal and hurts too much to write about at this moment in time.

As a small child my parents were happy for the most part. I remember dad cutting the grass at our home in Beauchief and being super fireman at the Fire service charity event. Being taken to Flamingo Land with mum and god mother.

My parents were hard workers, both taking courses to progress their careers outside of work time. My Dad to progress with the Fire Service and the learn Spanish. My mum studied employment law and hypnotherapy.

Both are retired now and living their best life abroad.

We started having differences I guess when I was a teen. I rebelled. Moved out at 17. My parents were always there for me though through my troubled relationship and fertility issues, housing issues and money trouble. I was always here for them too through poor health, providing a room for them to stay visiting the UK, taking on their two dogs when they left.

To me, it does not matter that we are no longer in contact if the loss of that contact gives us all a more peaceful, happy and stress free life. They know in their heads and hearts that I love them and that will never change no matter the circumstances. They will always be welcome in our home.

Mum and Dad, I love you and despite how you feel about my choices and our distance, not being involved in each other’s life’s, this will never change.

I see your faces in my head, your both smiling and relaxed, the sun behind you and I know your okay and we are all doing what is best for our own health and well-being.

Big hugs and kisses, always your Fizzbomb xxx


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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