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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A day of all things beautiful.

We started the day is a positive way; shower, breakfast and trip to the zoo!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park was today’s adventure, I think I was more excited than the teen.

We arrived to the sounds of the Lions roaring and for me, that was it. I was happy enough with just that sound.

First off were the Babboons and Painted Dogs, if you haven’t seen the Painted dogs before, they are really very beautiful, fun to watch play and make a lot of strange noises.

Secondly the Lemurs, Boars and Polar Bear. Unfortunately only one bear was there. It must be very lonely. It seemed quite happy crunching away on its meat though.

Next we’re the Bengal Tigers and a walk through the Outback with some gorgeous little creatures. The tigers and lions are my favourite. By this point I was struggling with the walking and in pain, thank goodness for benches and walking sticks. Must take a scooter next time!

Anyway, the Tigers, three of them we could see were all on lunch time too. Lucky for us! As was the leopard who was climbing down from his huge kitty tree frame.

Bengal Tiger smiling at the chicken walking by. *People.

The giraffes were mostly in the central area near the Zebras. Being quite shy, poking a head round the door every now and again to check the weather.

Baby and mum, staying out of the drizzle.

The Zebras were rolling round in the dust and watching people, it would be so nice to have a zoo day and get up close with a Zebra they have so much personality.

Racing Stripes ready for action.

We also saw monkeys, a black rhino, wallaby’s, camels, lion and lionesses, meerkats, geese and more.

Unfortunately the red pandas must have been chilly and were no where to be seen.

If you go and like me you can’t walk 10 paces without pain, be prepared, took 5 hours of determination to get round. If they hired scooters I’d have had one. The park seems to expand year on year. They could do with more animals, more polar bears and monkeys, perhaps penguins in the areas with no polar bears. But to say all shows were cancelled (Covid strikes again) we had a great time and loved seeing all the animals and keepers looking after them.

Look out position.
One hump or two.
Small cute things!
Beautiful Leopard

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Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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