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Humanity reach out

It seems such a long time ago I wrote/blogged.

I’ve been reading a lot, mostly my hypnotherapy practitioner work, passing my next module and working on another.

In this time people we know have tested positive for Covid and we have tested negative. A neighbour has died. The lockdown restrictions mean I haven’t seen my sister or her boys all year; given they are in a different city. New lockdown restrictions have been in, out and in again.

We have been trying to carry on, as normal as possible; but I can’t see anything ever returning to ‘life before covid’, how long can those little things we spent on, that made life so fun, stay open? Mini golf, zoos, cinemas, restaurants, pubs etc?

I have found more enjoyment in nature, just sitting surrounded by trees, a view over the city, listening to the wind, acorns falling.

This year there will be no Halloween celebrations, no Christmas family meet ups, no bonfire night with firework displays and funfairs, hotdog stands and cider stands, no Christmas market with mulled wine and hot chocolate.

I ponder on these little changes which have such huge impacts on people’s livelihood and mental wellbeing. What can we do to promote some positivity and energy into other areas in our lives? What if you live alone? Or have no one? What if the only person you see is a carer?

If you know a self employed person or person alone, it’s worth reaching out to them now. Maybe if you can, purchasing something, sending a card or making the neighbour a cup of tea. Reach out. Stay safe, but reach out and hold on to humanity. Revel in those positives, the sun (brits love the weather), the fruit trees, nature, happy observations, plan a treat, keep planning for the future, learn a new skill, keep occupied.

Life is so short and fleeting and what we do now could have a lasting impact on others, that one act of kindness never forgotten, passed on.

Take that call, be the sunshine. Good luck humanity, it’s seems now is a time of now or never.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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