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Spirit Attachment?

There’s a cold spot in my room. I see shadows, am awoken by something or nothing.

My friend tells me I have a bright light, I often see lights in others or sense darkness and hear a persons vibration. Humming. Always there, you just need to listen long enough.

I believe in other dimensions. We see in 4D, but it’s known that 4D isn’t the limit. There are others we physically can’t see, but if we tune in can we see another?

A spiritualist visited my home and honed in to this cold spot. Her thoughts matched my own. A man, darkness, attached to me, she asked him to leave and he refused. I have to ask him to leave, so I did, he refused. I asked him if he lost his body, yes. Can I help him move on, yes. Will he leave my family and stop his games if I help? Yes.

Now I’m on a mission. To free my own mind and free this spirit.

There’s evidence out there that shows spirits can attach to people and possession takes form in multiple personality disorder. This can be assisted with hypnotherapy being used to negotiate and release those personalities/spirits. This was once used in the medical profession but because it can’t be scientifically explained was stopped. This still helps some of those visiting private clinical hypnotherapists with an interest in this area.

Before you de bunk this theory, research back to scientists refusing to look through a telescope, because what could be seen could not be explained. We don’t understand so much of the universe so who can say this isn’t the right way to handle similar situations.

How will I end this spirit attachment? Through talk, understanding, negotiation, guidance. It may take time but isn’t this what counsellors do to free us from our own demons?

Don’t dismiss this alternative as a non starter, at some point everything was considered strange. Keep an open heart and mind. Positivity is key to a healthy mind. Nothing can’t be beaten.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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