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I haven’t posted for ages!

I’ve been very busy.

Some days I’ve not been too well, dodgy back and hip pain combined with migraines of epic proportions are not a great mix.

But most days I’ve been writing my new book ‘Spirit World’.

It’s not quite ready, I’ve not yet found a publisher; but I haven’t really been trying either. I’m still adding and editing as you do. Is anyone ever truly happy with their work or could you keep on editing forever then it becomes over edited?

I’m also working on my fiction book, ‘Death Amongst a City of Steel’, which I’m hoping to be ready before the year has ended.

My lock down projects were mostly writing but I did find time to take up another project too, which has taken over my living room!

Aquariums, let’s talk Tropical fish!

I started off with a 30 litre little tank, which grew within a fortnight to 125 litres and 6 weeks later has grown again (for the last time honest), to 252 litres. I love my fishies!

Have you ever watched Red Dwarf when Cat is going fishing for his supper and sings the little fishy song? Well this is now me, singing to my fish. And frogs. And shrimp. And snails….

Keeping an aquarium has to be one of the most satisfying and relaxing hobbies I now have. Hands up, I have had casualties, I bought a tank without a lid, one of my friends jumped out, I could not find him anywhere. I was convinced one of the cats must have had him. That was until I sold that tank and found a dried up fish. Sorry little friend. We have a lid now. No more escapees!

I’m keeping what is called a ‘Community’ aquarium , where by all the little water creatures are supposed to live in harmony. So far so good.

I also had a second tank set up for a Betta fighter fish. I decided he was lonely and I’d chance him in the community tank. As I added him last he seems to understand the sucking order and has been very well behaved. We’re all watching you mister.

There’s actually around 35 fish in here 👀

Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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