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Post something POSITIVE #psp

It’s such unusual times we live in and because of all the challenges we face daily, I don’t often find myself writing about anything positive!

I get caught up in the daily negativity that’s thrown in our faces, the news, television, social media; this definitely has an impact on my mood.

So I’d like to challenge anyone who see’s this post to write something positive!

My positive is that, while out walking the dogs, I took some real time to feel free! Breathe, enjoy the breeze, the light dancing through the autumn leaves, see how green the grass was this time of year. Sit and be silent,

We spotted squirrels, listened to the birds and surrounding sounds of civilisation and felt comfortable.

I love the colours this time of year and the crispness of the air. Because you know even in the darkest times of the year, when the trees become bare. New life is already planning its appearance in spring. You can almost feel the energy of everything changing, like caterpillars do, getting ready.


Post something positive x


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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