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Three steps forward, two back

Just when you think a corner maybe turning, you’re thrown right back.

We have a system in place at home. Like a traffic light system but with processes.

So if you feel low, you don’t use your phone, you don’t sleep alone, you never are alone in a room, you eat with everyone else and are forced to take part in everyone else’s activities because the rules make it impossible to be alone. It does work.

As you start to feel better you start integrating other things back in, some alone time, leading to sleeping alone, a few hours of phone, etc.

We had just got to the phone and sleep alone stage again when we relaxed too much, and had to revert straight back to camping in bedrooms and limiting phone and tv to ensure sleep. It’s a never ending cycle. Hopefully the good days will get longer and then, more often than the bad days, and we can all be healing and learning, to live again.

If you are going through a crisis as a family, stay strong together, changes aren’t forever, today is temporary, tomorrow is not yet written.

Even though we’ve taken steps back I know we have also taken some huge leaps forward in communication, in social activities and even seen smiles. We are living for those days that bring the smiles. May they be plentiful for all. Never take those happy times for granted.

Keep resetting, this is not failure, it’s reprogramming of your mind. It’s a chance to start again and do things differently. Stay strong, keep going, smile x


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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