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Halt the hate. Educate.

I keep seeing posts, over and over again. I won’t allow my child to watch this PG film because there is a) a Drag Queen b) a gay child c) a same sex couple raising a child and so on.

Where is all this hate coming from?

Do you believe by not allowing your child’s eyes to see this you are protecting them? Maybe they will become a drag Queen or gay? Maybe they will ask you questions you yourself are uncomfortable with?

Do you think you can shield you child for ever from the world which changes so rapidly year on year and yet you refuse to change and grow with it?

I will allow my child to watch these things and I will explain that women have been allowed to dress as men for many years now. But women are reluctant to give up their clothes to the men, I hope it is mostly because they are uncomfortable. I have friends who are gay, they are perfectly respectable wonderful people! What’s the issue? Are they doing something in your house? No.

I will explain that fashion through the ages change and that people and their views change too. That once upon a time men did wear frocks. Trousers were an invention.

Men even wore makeup, take a look through history at the Egyptians, emperors, sultans, courtiers.

I will explain that todays society is a mixed bag of fruit and nut where everything is so mixed no one is quite sure about anything except themselves nowadays and that’s ok.

Most importantly because the only persons opinion of yourself that matters is your own.

That God is all seeing, all knowing and has seen more fashion mishaps and makeup clown ups than all of us and is most likely forever impressed with our continued and increased energy and creativity, for without Gods own creativity none of us would even exist.

So stop judging, educate, love each other and most importantly love yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself you start judging others and then lest you be judged.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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