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Such sorrow in Family Values

There was a young man who unfortunately married the wrong woman.

He suffered years of abuse and when he found the strength to leave his parents picked up his shattered heart and life and gave him all they had to rebuild his life.

They housed him and his children, sharing rooms so they could all fit in their humble home; cooked and cleaned and did school runs, baby sat and gave money. Everything they had, heart and soul they gave.

They did all this because once you become a parent you always do what you can for your child.

The young man fell in love again and moved out.

He forgot about his parents, he never visited, he used work and family as an excuse, the parents also worked, also had their own family and health issues but still tried to stay in touch.

At Christmas and birthdays they bought gifts and cards, none were collected. none were received.

The following year they asked the son if he would visit with his children over Christmas but alas the son was too busy.

The parents were sad, they felt used and uncared for, unloved and unvalued. The love and energy poured into their son wasn’t reciprocated. He was lost.

The parents decided to carry on with their own lives in the hope one day the son would return to them.

The years went by with no contact, the grandchildren grew. The parents all got older. Yet no one cared about the sons parents. Only themselves.

Time waits for no one and soon in their winter years they would be gone with no one to visit their graves.

Family values have been lost.

Family traditions have been forgotten.

The world has turned to a selfish place of greed and self satisfaction.

The elderly are no longer cared for by family but die alone.

Graveyards are a thing of curiosity not remembering.

Love and hold close those who cherished and cared for you for one day they will be nothing but returned to Earth.

Credit to F Firth.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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