One pooch and her kittens

Weeks ago we were told these two adorable and mischievous kittens were ready for a forever home. Unfortunately on arrival for collection we found two kittens, covered in fleas, ears still folded and in a bad way. Momma cat was no where to be seen and the owner seemed intent they had to go immediately.Continue reading “One pooch and her kittens”

Banter or bullying?

I’m a member of a popular social media group, this group is work related and mainly male orientated. It quite often happens that banter quickly turns nasty and yet the word ‘banter’ is the excuse for degrading another person. It’s so sad that even when the world is on its knees, people struggle to live,Continue reading “Banter or bullying?”

Younger generations

Is it just me or are persons 20 years younger than me much ruder and disrespectful of everyone with the level increasing the younger they are? It’s almost like none of their parents have ever shown them right from wrong, told them off, tried to guide them. Of course I don’t mean an entire population,Continue reading “Younger generations”

Self development

Well as I’m nearing the end of my clinical hypnotherapy training, I thought I would take time to plan for my UK exit and finally enrolled on my masters TEFL qualification. So far I’m really impressed, the work it definitely in depth and detailed and I think I’m going to really enjoy the course! IContinue reading “Self development”

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