I am a good person, I am enough

I care for people so much. It often causes me trouble, by speaking out against injustice. The truth however is not well received. Therefore it backfires. I need to ground myself, learn how to switch off emotionally. I seriously don’t understand regular people, to me they are in humane, unfeeling, unjust. I feel like anContinue reading “I am a good person, I am enough”

Talking with family passed.

Yesterday, I was minding my own business; eating cookies, watching rubbish TV and in my mind pops my great aunt. This was a just checking in visit, to tell me off for sitting feeling unmotivated and eating biscuits instead of washing up. In fact my aunt gave me a telling off, not like her butContinue reading “Talking with family passed.”

Spiritualist Churches

What’s the general view on spiritualist churches? I have been considering joint one for a while now. It seems however that those I’ve found are money making pyramid schemes. I feel I do quite well without one, I have friends with similar beliefs, I don’t feel alone, because I never really am. I have justContinue reading “Spiritualist Churches”

Spirituality in the modern world and me on a tangent. Sorry.

Well this is me, I do consider myself a spiritualist. I try to help people as much as I can and am highly over sensitive. I’m struggling to tear my teenager away from technology, not that it’s a bad thing but I believe too much can be detrimental to your health. The mind needs toContinue reading “Spirituality in the modern world and me on a tangent. Sorry.”

Spirit Attachment?

There’s a cold spot in my room. I see shadows, am awoken by something or nothing. My friend tells me I have a bright light, I often see lights in others or sense darkness and hear a persons vibration. Humming. Always there, you just need to listen long enough. I believe in other dimensions. WeContinue reading “Spirit Attachment?”

Humanity reach out

It seems such a long time ago I wrote/blogged. I’ve been reading a lot, mostly my hypnotherapy practitioner work, passing my next module and working on another. In this time people we know have tested positive for Covid and we have tested negative. A neighbour has died. The lockdown restrictions mean I haven’t seen myContinue reading “Humanity reach out”


So. Today my family and I had our COVID tests. We had to have them as we have been looking after our granddaughter (also being tested) as we all have some symptoms and another grandparent tested positive. Anyway, we’re okay. We opted for postal testing. The tests arrived today! Less that 12 hours from ourContinue reading “COVID”

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