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Energy Crisis UK

The government gave money to reduce people’s bills The Energy Companies put bills up so that money was absorbed Now we live in poverty, frozen in our homes Wearing many blankets and jumpers to keep away our fears Fears of dying or becoming sick, or eating or many a room warm to live Our incomesContinue reading “Energy Crisis UK”

Strange Stuff #635-Top 10 most popular paranormal beliefs – including ghosts, aliens, and witches

These are 10 of the top paranormal beliefs. Strange Stuff #635-Top 10 most popular paranormal beliefs – including ghosts, aliens, and witches

A Spy Balloon 🎈

Hilariously ridiculous. When another Chinese experiment goes wrong, this time possibly by some poor university student studying the weather or topography, who will no doubt be in a serious bit of bother. If the US really did feel threatened, I’d imagine someone would be up there right now taking the thing out or steering itContinue reading “A Spy Balloon 🎈”


I love this City. Mostly because nearly every pub has live music every night. The City truly is one of such talent. We have just returned from a night staying at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, also an excellent place to stay! Amazing food and service. At night we ventured into town to Matthew StreetContinue reading “Liverpool”

Short Story: Earth

It was as though the Earth had set motions into reverse. Women became a commodity for ownership, animals became meat, children became currency. The world was dying. The Men wanted to believe they could fix things. Alas they could not and as children starved and women fought again the chains of suppression to regain theirContinue reading “Short Story: Earth”

Meeting a Legend

Many years ago I had the great fortune or meeting Fred Haise. Now for those who don’t know who Fred Haise is I recommend you go do some immediate research. This man is LEGEND. Not only because I met him, cough cough, but because he now spends his retirement days travelling the WORLD to educateContinue reading “Meeting a Legend”