Re framing thoughts

We all have negative thoughts from time to time, some more so than others so I wanted to write a little blog on reframing.

I myself have looked into the garden on a grey day and seen a mess. What I see when I look closely though is something completely different.

Those toys show my daughter has toys to play with which she obviously enjoys. Water balloons remind me of the fun in the sun, the grass reminds me how lucky I am to have a garden, the trampoline; shows me that someone in this house exercises and keeps healthy.

I’m going to give you some of my most recent negative thoughts and how I changed them.

A simple one, it’s raining and cold and nasty outside.

Look out, what do you see? How do you feel inside?

I see a crazy kid enjoying the rain, I feel warm and safe at home. I don’t need anything I can just enjoy the day. The strawberries will love the rain as will the tomatoes. It’s cooler and I’m looking forward to a non sweaty sleep.

You see you need to open that box wide open. Look at all the good things because of the rain. Green grass, frogs in the garden etc

Okay now you try. Next time you have a negative thought, I want you to think of three positive things or memories, the next time your in that situation with the usual thought gone, smile and remember the good things!

Good can come out of almost all situations. You just need to keep those eyes wide open and focus on those good things. Stay positive. Healthy happy mind, healthy happy body.

Random Dream 1

So, let me start by saying I don’t remember all my dreams. Those I do remember are always so vivid and clear it’s difficult to put words, which justify the images.

I had been emailed a job by a temp agency and was excited to start work again and meet new people, I hopped on my moped in the pouring rain and it was dark, ploughing through puddles to get to my destination.

I see myself and I’m stood wearing black trousers and a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, hair up, I look around 17, I look great!

Washing pots, singing, laughing the hours sped by, the other people were all going to a funeral that afternoon and asked if I’d like to go too. Upon asking whose funeral because of course I’d go to support them; I found the funeral was for Hester Swain. My great grandmother.

I was shocked, in my mind I knew I’d already attended this funeral years before.

Now back at home, which was a wooden three story rickety hut, on stilts in a lake, I got ready to walk to the church with my new friends, feeling strange with old and new feelings.

We start walking, all up hill, small steps carved into stone, surrounded by bright green moss, wild flowers and bees, looking skyward I see the path we are taking is a giant tower of stone and plant, the Tower of Babel.

Above me angels circle the towers crown and I ask, why do I not have wings? I’m in the afterlife? A voice tells be to just believe, I trust it and a beautiful pair of emerald green and turquoise feathered wings appear, lifting me higher and higher, straight to the top.

Entering the congregation I stand and the back and look at all the faces who have come to honour the life of a woman who meant so much to me, wondering at how she touched their life somehow.

At the front of the chapel which is open air, with stone arches above covered in vines, I see my family! We stare at each other and we know, we are all forgiven, all loved, but we also know when we leave the chapel we will still go separate ways as those are the paths we have been set on. I have an overwhelming sense of peace and a voice whispers to me, you must go and be guardian of all plants, flowers, trees, Moss, all is your responsibility to love and nourish.

So, that’s the end of my dream. I’ve never had a biblical dream before but felt this one was so clear and odd it was worthy of my blog.

Thanks for reading!

Do You Remember

I’ve a challenge for you all.

I want you to think back to your childhood.

Think back and remember.

I remember collecting stick insects. Being amazed this little stick with legs was a living little creature.

I remember having a crush on the blond boy whose garden backed on to ours when I was 8 and he was 15.

I remember having a den on the Nextdoor neighbours shed roof, hidden by large trees and bushes we could climb.

I remember being in the car on a Sunday, smokey and hazy from cigarettes singing along to Meatloaf with everyone else.

I REMEMBER all the good things. No matter how small they might be, blowing out candles on a cake, burnt toast with baked beans, firework disasters. Look back, remember only the good things. Smile, see how those little moments shaped you, Keep those memories close, write them down, treasure them, add to them. Make yourself a book of happiness. This book is how you positively changed yourself, it’s a guide for the future.


If you get them, you know.

Mine are set off by stress, strong smells, bright lights, some fruits, some sounds!

It makes the day interesting if I dare venture out, avoiding certain shops selling soaps, bath bombs, perfumes, anywhere with high pitch noises.

Returning home with that tell tale neck pain and earache, scrambling to find any painkillers, closing curtains, getting ice, asking the family to not make a sound till I’ve drifted into an unconscious sleep state covered in a facial and neck ice pack.

I used to have hallucinations, still do occasionally, but now I know they aren’t real, the people watching me, monkeys, spiders.

Visual disturbances such as light shows, tunnel vision, spots of complete darkness.

The worst, the pain, unlike any other, many a times I’ve thought do I need an ambulance and I’m not one to seek medical help.

I’d be interested to know what’s helped other sufferers cope? I tried the Daith piercing, it does help, but I had so many MRI’s it had to come out. Now it’s back to avoidance and naproxen.

Feel free to send me your tips for prevention! Blogger in need here.

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