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Sneezing after gastric surgery….. ouch!

Oh no one warned me. I wish I knew. That’s sneezing would be so burning painful after surgery too. It started with a sniffle, grew to full on sneeze. The pain shot through my abdomen and had me on my knees. Weeks later it’s still burning. It really hurts to move. Six to eight weeksContinue reading “Sneezing after gastric surgery….. ouch!”

Tips for recovery after WLS/Gastric Bypass

I wanted to hopefully help others after surgery as having had complications I know how important it is to look after yourself. So here are my tips for AFTER surgery. 1. You will be sore, be kind to yourself, only walk as much as you can bear. Then rest. Do more when you’re ready. 2.Continue reading “Tips for recovery after WLS/Gastric Bypass”

Sober for October? Or for life?

Drink An evil little vice to have, which changes people into someone unrecognisable not only to others but the sober self. I’m not oppose to drinking, I have the odd drink, the odd night out, a few during the day when away. The difference is I know when to stop. Feeling the change is criticalContinue reading “Sober for October? Or for life?”