A New Treatment For Separation Stress And Anxiety

I’m reposting as I hope this may help someone. Try milk before bedtime and downtime on TV or mobile devices an hour or so before too. I found this while searching for something else, on Google and thought you may discover it fascinating. From the Peoria Humane Society website: … A New Treatment For SeparationContinue reading “A New Treatment For Separation Stress And Anxiety”

Emotional confusion

It’s a strange kind of day. Not for any other reason than how I feel. I think I’m having a migraine. The day started with slight stabbing pains one side of my eyebrow, neck ache like swollen glands and then it hit, sickness. There’s nothing more I hate. It’s an awful feeling and I feelContinue reading “Emotional confusion”

Ceasing the day

Today is the day. I am going to cease it. 12.30 am and I’m wide awake, ready and yes, tired. I’m going to positively reinforce everything today to make the day go a little smoother. Travelling is one of my anxiety triggers, but I’m ready for that dark little cloud today. I’ve got to be,Continue reading “Ceasing the day”

Re posting because this resonates for me. RePost: Don’t Believe that Fibromyalgia is real? This article is for you …

https://stopwalkingoneggshells.wordpress.com/ Why is it that we still have people believing that Fibromyalgia is not real? It’s quite frankly ignorance and a lack of research on their behalf. The… RePost: Don’t Believe that Fibromyalgia is real? This article is for you …

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