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Teens need hugs too

Especially mine but on their terms of course. I don’t know what triggers anxiety and panic attacks with me or my teen, sometimes it just happens. Last night around 10.30pm I had a tearful, shaking 16year old rush in, jump in my bed and hug me. I held her close and told her I wasContinue reading “Teens need hugs too”

Thought Re-Framing

Today, I have to admit I’ve felt overly anxious. There doesn’t always have to be an explanation for this feeling, sometimes it just creeps up on me. This is how I cope: I stop everything, everything can wait, nothing is so important right now I have to do it immediately. Breathing exercises! Breath in throughContinue reading “Thought Re-Framing”

Someone was in my room?

Last night I woke at bang on 3am, because I heard a thud. Like someone banged once on the window. My husband was snoring, the dog was snorting and the teen quiet. I got up, used the bathroom and got back in bed. But couldn’t figure out the thud and thought maybe I’d dreamt it,Continue reading “Someone was in my room?”