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If you saw my last post, my GP scared the bejeezus outta me. Well done to them though for taking something seriously. I’ve since had, ultrasounds, examinations involving cameras up my nose and down my throat, physical examinations, seen three different specialists, had blood work done, the lot. I’m actually really impressed with everyone I’veContinue reading “Relief!”

Yesterday was X-ray day

Tomorrow is cancer specialist day. I’ve got to say though the staff at my GP surgery and everyone I’ve seen so far at the hospital has been amazing. Even got to keep my t’shirt on for the chest X-ray, phew! My husband drove me and came in, he asked about coming in with me tomorrowContinue reading “Yesterday was X-ray day”

Referral to a Cancer Specialist

Weeks ago, okay, months ago, I started to notice a lumpy bump near my clavical/neck. Now I brushed this off, maybe I have a bit of cold, just a gland or lymph node reaction to an infection, maybe I’m just fat. Every excuse for not getting it checked out came in my head to reassureContinue reading “Referral to a Cancer Specialist”