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Post something POSITIVE #psp

It’s such unusual times we live in and because of all the challenges we face daily, I don’t often find myself writing about anything positive! I get caught up in the daily negativity that’s thrown in our faces, the news, television, social media; this definitely has an impact on my mood. So I’d like toContinue reading “Post something POSITIVE #psp”

Day 7 of the Writing Challenge

Favourite movie What film can possibly be better than The Never Ending Story? It’s full of excitement, sorrow, suspense, fear. You feel as though you are taking part in the journey with Atreyu. Meeting the giants made of granite, flying through the air with Falkor, crying with the loss of Atreyus best friend his horse,Continue reading “Day 7 of the Writing Challenge”

Day 3 of the writing challenge

A memory It’s snowing outside and I must be around 13/14 years old, my dads out clearing the patio and he shouts me to help. I go out wearing white gola trainers, baggy jeans and a big navy Umbro coat (we were never flashy kids),dad asks me to grab the end of the bench andContinue reading “Day 3 of the writing challenge”