I had a beautiful dream last night. Our family had moved, it seemed to be a different planet and it was so incredible. There were land animals and the animals lived along side the people, we actually moved out of the way for the animals. I was sat under a tree branch, next to aContinue reading “Dreams”

The new now?

If right now is the new normal how can we adapt and change? It’s quite depressing being alone, at home, not able to explore anywhere outside 5 miles. Will we become movers, flitting from one home to another just to change scenery? The idea has certainly crossed my mind. A temporary house move, somewhere wildContinue reading “The new now?”

Having an ‘off’ day

We can’t always expect to feel fabulous 100% of the time. It could be illness, hormones, what you’ve eaten, how others treat you and an innumerable amount of other daily things that can knock your boat. But how do you bounce back? Let me tell you about a boat rocking day and how I managedContinue reading “Having an ‘off’ day”

Living in a broken family and events.

https://stopwalkingoneggshells.wordpress.com/ I never thought having a broken family would be this hard. As people we are all so very different, from various families with differing values, ways of life, attitudes. It’s a struggle, I won’t lie. There is always one person in the middle, listening to the other three plus family arguments. Every side believesContinue reading “Living in a broken family and events.”

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