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My daughters always has social problems be it with school or large gatherings. I just thought she had a school phobia, the doctors didn’t think anything of it as she grew up, just normal child behaviour. Sometimes we had tantrums in shops, like most parents experience. I always cried outside her door at night wishingContinue reading “I AM WALKING ON EGG SHELLS! AUTISM?”

Yearning for a place.

Have you ever felt as though you miss a place. I mean really yearn for it. The view, the breeze, the smell of the air and sounds of grass waving or sea breaking. I’m yearning for a place. I always thought in my dreams when standing on a rugged coastline in a long dress andContinue reading “Yearning for a place.”

Emotional teens

Oh to be a teenager again… All those hormones running riot. It’s so difficult and as adults dealing with teens we need to remember how difficult it actually felt. Not be wishing we were younger again. Teens are an at an unusual stage of development. Neither child nor adult. They wish to hold on toContinue reading “Emotional teens”