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Spiritualist Churches

What’s the general view on spiritualist churches? I have been considering joint one for a while now. It seems however that those I’ve found are money making pyramid schemes. I feel I do quite well without one, I have friends with similar beliefs, I don’t feel alone, because I never really am. I have justContinue reading “Spiritualist Churches”

Be Yourself, Love Yourself.

A friend of mine has just watched a webinar on ‘What Pushes Men Away’, this friend now believes they know what they did wrong in a previous relationship. Wow. No. This is not right at all. If you love someone, you love them with all their imperfections, unconditionally. Never ever change who you are asContinue reading “Be Yourself, Love Yourself.”

Day 5 of the Writing Challenge

Parents I bet if your following you thought I had missed day 5 yesterday. I wrote day 5 instead as I was limiting my screen time with the recent migraines. Anyway here goes day 5. Parents. This is so difficult to write as I am out of contact with my parents. A mutual decision. weContinue reading “Day 5 of the Writing Challenge”