Migraine medication

If you follow me you probably see a few posts with me raging about my migraines. I live in faith that today, that will change. Finally getting through to a GP who listened and wanted to help, I’ve taken two naproxen and the pain has gone. Other symptoms are still present, the neck and earContinue reading “Migraine medication”

Migraine again

Not sleeping, wide awake, feeling sick, ear ache, neck hurts, light blinds my eyes, migraines back. No big surprise. Getting worse, can’t function, brains on fire, tongues not working, trying to relax, over thinking, migraines been here for days, not shifting. Painkillers, ibuprofen, paracetamol, ice and rest, in bed for days, feeling crap, house smellsContinue reading “Migraine again”

Lightning over my brain.

Last night there was a lightning storm in my brain. Not strike lightening, the lighting that branches out in all directions, hitting every nerve and creating continual attacks of pain. This started at 2am with a sharp pain above my left eye, developing into earache or rather a feeling of pressure in my ear andContinue reading “Lightning over my brain.”

Emotional confusion

It’s a strange kind of day. Not for any other reason than how I feel. I think I’m having a migraine. The day started with slight stabbing pains one side of my eyebrow, neck ache like swollen glands and then it hit, sickness. There’s nothing more I hate. It’s an awful feeling and I feelContinue reading “Emotional confusion”

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