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Chat Bot AI advice

I asked a AI Chat Bot for advice and how to stop feeling sad after a break up. The advice was really good! Here is what Arin the Chat Bot had to say. I’m sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time. It’s completely understandable to feel sad after a breakup, andContinue reading “Chat Bot AI advice”


You hated my cold hands The way I tied my hair How I cleaned, cooked and what I wear You tried to change me but I’m here still I’ll keep fighting for me but you never will I fought for you too once but you seem to have forgotten Who changed jobs to care forContinue reading “Sadness”

The Split

I’m grieving who you were But you’re still alive I’m grieving the one person who used to make me feel loved inside I miss the way you used to smile, stroke my hair, hold my hand I crave the lost passion and how you made me feel good about myself and treated me right IContinue reading “The Split”

Sensitive to smells

This doesn’t always happen with Pork, usually it’s strong perfumes or sweets such as jellies. Today however, pork is a huge no. My husband thought he was doing something sweet, making me breakfast, I don’t eat a lot of pork, mostly I don’t eat joints or chops because they smell and taste bad to me.Continue reading “Sensitive to smells”

Easter Garden

Well that’s rolled around quick. Spring is sprung, lambing has started and people are on an all mad chocolate consuming binge. But we are in the garden, mini digging our way through the previously unused second garden hidden behind the garage which is 72ft long by 42ft wide. This will be the new allotment siteContinue reading “Easter Garden”

She Took Him Back

He said the right things She wanted to believe it although she knew it wasn’t him The cracks started to show that very first weekend He wanted to have another drink He wouldn’t touch her She felt abondoned Questioning if she was the issue alone They had little quarrels The truth came out A lifeContinue reading “She Took Him Back”

Tattoo regrets?

Times change. I always wanted a cool tattoo. My first marriage wasn’t a great one and my husband said ‘if you ever get a tattoo we are done.’ So what did I do? Well it seemed an easy way to end it! I was young and unfortunately it didn’t work. I had a small butterflyContinue reading “Tattoo regrets?”

Do you feel like ‘friends’ are sabotaging your relationship?

They probably are. I get this sneaky suspicion that some ‘friends’ don’t want to see my husband and I back together. They are actively telling tales on him, things I already know. The thing is I know that if we are over for good, those friends won’t stay in contact with me. They are likeContinue reading “Do you feel like ‘friends’ are sabotaging your relationship?”