The dangers of self help videos

When you suffer a traumatic experience at the hands of someone else, it’s natural to want to know why. Usually people will think it over, talk to friends or maybe even a counsellor and be satisfied that people are so complex, so different in thought patterns and feelings that a simple answer will suffice. SometimesContinue reading “The dangers of self help videos”

Awakening to pathological attention seeking in partners

Your always on your phone, who is that? Is it…? Why do they call all the time? I don’t like …., what did you make for tea? I don’t want that it’s disgusting. I do everything here. Have you spoken to .. recently? I do everything for you? Don’t start that again. Are you listeningContinue reading “Awakening to pathological attention seeking in partners”

Having an ‘off’ day

We can’t always expect to feel fabulous 100% of the time. It could be illness, hormones, what you’ve eaten, how others treat you and an innumerable amount of other daily things that can knock your boat. But how do you bounce back? Let me tell you about a boat rocking day and how I managedContinue reading “Having an ‘off’ day”

Seeing your worth

Let me tell you a story. A good looking 18 year old with the world ahead of him and a career in the army pending, meets a girl in a bar and things get serious. The boy and girl fall in love, the girls a little older with two children and her own little home.Continue reading “Seeing your worth”

Healing from a bad relationship

My friend has started to turn a corner on her healing and this is how she did it… 1. She talked, a lot, I listened patiently, and she talked about the same thing a few times but she talked. 2. She cut off those who didn’t serve her. Sounds odd yes but if someone isContinue reading “Healing from a bad relationship”


Today I was told, when we have children, we cannot control everything they think, feel or do. As they grow they will find their own way, develop their own personality, live their own life. That life is not for parents to control or judge, the role of a parent is that of supporting the individualContinue reading “Realisation”

Toxic Relationships

The introduction to my blog. The reason I decided to write out my feelings and hopefully help someone else. Have you ever had one of those relationships with a partner, sibling, parent, friend, where you have to watch what you say or do? With fear in every action, waiting to say or do the wrongContinue reading “Toxic Relationships”

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