Caravaning holidays UK the new experience.

We bought a Bailey Pagaent Series 5 for a bargain price, thinking ‘might be cheaper to get a caravan and go on lots of holidays than our usual one big holiday abroad‘, especially after lockdown and being unsure about travel restrictions. We set about with zero knowledge, found a storage facility to keep to caravanContinue reading “Caravaning holidays UK the new experience.”

Having an ‘off’ day

We can’t always expect to feel fabulous 100% of the time. It could be illness, hormones, what you’ve eaten, how others treat you and an innumerable amount of other daily things that can knock your boat. But how do you bounce back? Let me tell you about a boat rocking day and how I managedContinue reading “Having an ‘off’ day”

Spirituality in the modern world and me on a tangent. Sorry.

Well this is me, I do consider myself a spiritualist. I try to help people as much as I can and am highly over sensitive. I’m struggling to tear my teenager away from technology, not that it’s a bad thing but I believe too much can be detrimental to your health. The mind needs toContinue reading “Spirituality in the modern world and me on a tangent. Sorry.”

Emotional teens

Oh to be a teenager again… All those hormones running riot. It’s so difficult and as adults dealing with teens we need to remember how difficult it actually felt. Not be wishing we were younger again. Teens are an at an unusual stage of development. Neither child nor adult. They wish to hold on toContinue reading “Emotional teens”

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