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Energy Crisis UK

The government gave money to reduce people’s bills The Energy Companies put bills up so that money was absorbed Now we live in poverty, frozen in our homes Wearing many blankets and jumpers to keep away our fears Fears of dying or becoming sick, or eating or many a room warm to live Our incomesContinue reading “Energy Crisis UK”


I love this City. Mostly because nearly every pub has live music every night. The City truly is one of such talent. We have just returned from a night staying at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, also an excellent place to stay! Amazing food and service. At night we ventured into town to Matthew StreetContinue reading “Liverpool”

Love Yourself

This journey is still a struggle. From knowing I’ll never be able to eat a full size meal to surgery problems and hair loss, there are pitfalls I wish I’d known prior to going through with it. The worst is actually the body dysmorphia. I still buy clothes too big and feel big myself andContinue reading “Love Yourself”