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Death Visits.

As the pain in my chest grows, my heart pounding as though trying to beat against the bone cage which surrounds it and escape, I feel my breath fleeting; struggling on the intake but rushing to leave me like my soul eager to release its self from this fleshy jail. Death hovers near, beckoning withContinue reading “Death Visits.”

Post something POSITIVE #psp

It’s such unusual times we live in and because of all the challenges we face daily, I don’t often find myself writing about anything positive! I get caught up in the daily negativity that’s thrown in our faces, the news, television, social media; this definitely has an impact on my mood. So I’d like toContinue reading “Post something POSITIVE #psp”

Day 6 of the Writing Challenge

Single and Happy. Well I’m not single, so I’ll let you know my single happy moments and married moments. Don’t judge me! I met my first husband at school. It was a teenage crush, that simply went too far. Like 10 years too far. We had happy moments but were stuck at the pre adolescentContinue reading “Day 6 of the Writing Challenge”

Day 5 of the Writing Challenge

Parents I bet if your following you thought I had missed day 5 yesterday. I wrote day 5 instead as I was limiting my screen time with the recent migraines. Anyway here goes day 5. Parents. This is so difficult to write as I am out of contact with my parents. A mutual decision. weContinue reading “Day 5 of the Writing Challenge”

Day 4 Writing Challenge

Places you want to visit. Columbia, who wouldn’t want to visit such a vibrant place full of history, salsa dancing, streets dazzling with colour and fantastic food. I can almost smell the fresh baked goods and empanadas. Tahiti, as I also love a great beach destination. Not to get all sandy, just to watch andContinue reading “Day 4 Writing Challenge”