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The Benidorm Family Experience

Benidorm, after years of horror stories and descriptions such as Blackpool with sun, I was dreading this vacation. In my head I saw crowded dirty streets, grubby bars and loud mouthed louts and idiots. Well, Benidorm, you proved me wrong.

One week of sunshine, beautiful clean promenades and side streets, stretching yellow sandy and clean beaches, historic areas of interest, some amazing restaurants and friendly clean and airy pubs.

There really is something for everyone. Mateo’s bar was clean and fun and there are a hundred others if you fancy them. We’ve actually got tickets to see ‘Mateo’, from the ‘Benidorm’ series this week.

You can buy a bowl of the largest mussels I’ve even seen for lunch or a burger.

There’s loads of Spanish living here, vacationing here so be sure to pay attention to where they eat.

The old town has cute little roadways and shops for every taste, the new town is geared towards tourists with banana boats and jet skis. The sea is warm and inviting, completely clean, you can see the fish around your feet and walk out quite a way.

We’ve had and are having a great time, if your a lover of Spain, you can still speak Spanish, you can still get a tapas and siesta the afternoon away, the town is busy night and day.

As we are here during the Covid pandemic we were not sure what to expect. You do need to be wearing a mask walking around, but once your sat in a restaurant/bar/poolside or at the beach these can come off. Yes some places are still closed but the town still has a positive spirit and all seem hardworking and dedicated to making it all work. Everywhere has hand sanitizers and is extremely clean and well organised.

The police are everywhere, checking face masks are being worn mostly. Even patrolling the beach on huge mopeds. I feel safer here than in the UK!

Of course there are going to be some areas to avoid, but that depends on what you want from your stay, if you want to spin around on a bull and drink shots you can, if like me you opt for family friendly, spanish food and great views to relax in, well it’s here too.

If I could move here tomorrow I wouldn’t say no. Benidorm you changed my views. Thank you.


Published by faithaugust

Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother, wife & grandmother. Sun worshipper and Spiritualist. Inspired by Art and the beauty of the world.

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